Space TV

Space TV

Sen's vision is democratizing space by streaming real-time videos, for the benefit of all humanity.

We are starved of independent, real-time and accessible satellite information about our ever changing planet and future in space. This data scarcity deprives us of useful information on a massive scale, from environmental events that constantly impact our world causing devastation of life, communities, trade & global infrastructure, to the exploration of space, for which there truly is no independent media to inform humanity.

Sen's solution is streaming real-time videos from space to any device, providing useful information to help everyone—people, governments and industry—understand and respond better to our ever changing planet and multi-world future.



Sen will stream real-time videos from space to smart phones and internet connected devices.

Real-time video has important attributes that bring additional intelligence to existing satellite imagery—time, movement and storytelling power. Imagine watching a wild fire or hurricane in real-time, or witnessing humans returning to the Moon. These qualities make real-time video insightful, educational and inspirational.

Sen will use computer vision and machine learning AI to derive additional insights from the video, providing valuable information about events that affect life on Earth and our exploration of space—information that does not currently exist and which Sen will make accessible to billions of people.

For all humanity

For all humanity

Sen’s real-time videos will be accessible by billions of people and scale for our multi-world future—a space exploration network for all humanity.

An independent media is a fundamental requirement for a multi-world democracy, to ensure that space exploration is undertaken on the basis of informed consent. Sen will make this journey accessible for everyone.

Providing multiple perspectives of Earth will enable consumers to see events in the context of life on our ever-changing planet.

Sen will then scale to film other worlds, providing space exploration news for humankind.

To capture video, Sen will use its own satellite orbiters and hosted cameras deployed on all types of spacecraft including rovers and drones on the Moon and Mars for high resolution surface reconnaissance.

As Sen scales, video cameras and constellations will deployed beyond Earth in multiple locations including the Moon and Mars, providing multi-world vision. 

We believe that providing this original content for consumers will help make space universally accessible, providing an independent media that will be vital as we become a multi-planet species.