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Social media flashmob to promote space research

Jenny Winder, News Writer
Jun 4, 2015, 15:59 UTC

Sen—Three PhD students at the University of Leuven, Belgium, are hoping to break the record for a social media "flashmob" on Thursday June 4 with the aim of promoting space research and their innovative SpaceBillboard mission.

The students, Maarten Decat, Tjorven Delabie and Jeroen Vandewalle, are the founders of SpaceBillboard, which hopes to fund a CubeSat, designed to measure radiation from the Sun, by selling advertising space on the satellite.

Sponsors can purchase space on the CubeSat where their logo, or a customized message, will be displayed. Big brands Microsoft and Oreo cookies have already purchased their advertising space on the tiny satellite.

The CubeSat is not just an innovative approach to advertising though. The funds received will be used to support the scientific research of the mission. "The research is important because it gives more substance to the global warming debate and can help us to determine the action that needs to be taken," the team told Sen in an email.

Co-founder Tjorven Delabie said in a statement: “The Social Media Flashmob idea is low budget, but if we can find enough people who support our goal and send the message, we believe the visibility could be huge. Maybe we will even get a record out of it.”

To take part in the Social Media Flashmob you can register on this site and the message will automatically be sent at the right time. Or you can tweet: “I support space research! Innovative companies, #SupportSpaceResearch and take a look at " at 4 pm UTC today (June 4).


SpaceBillboard co-founders Maarten Decat, Tjorven Delabie and Jeroen Vandewalle with a mock-up of their CubeSat. Image credit: SpaceBillboard