Space TV

Space TV

Sen's vision is to democratize space using video to inform, educate, inspire and benefit all humanity.

We are starved of independent, real-time and accessible satellite information about our ever-changing planet and future in space.

As the natural and human worlds evolve and interact, our planet changes everyday. Sen's vision is to address the scarcity of data and awareness of large scale environmental and human events that affect hundreds of millions of people each year, providing a new media that empowers humanity to see both the evolution of the planet and the story of our exploration of space as we become a multi-world democracy.

Sen's solution is streaming real-time videos from space to any device, providing useful information to help everyone—people, governments and industry—understand and respond better to our ever changing planet and multi-world future.

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Sen's mission is to stream real-time videos from space to billions of people, providing unique perspectives of our ever-changing world and future in space. 

There is no 'Earth live' TV. Sen will address the scarcity of real-time and timely information of rapidly evolving disasters and crises and broadcast video of Earth—telling the story of ever-changing world. 

Sen will use Augmented Reality to transform video into even more useful information, and our open source data platform will open up the market for apps and analytics that can be derived from video, providing valuable information about events that affect life on Earth and our exploration of space—information that does not currently exist and which Sen will make accessible to billions of people.

For all humanity

For all humanity

Sen’s real-time videos will be accessible by billions of people and scale for our multi-world future—a space exploration network for all humanity.

A free and independent media is a fundamental requirement for a multi-world democracy, to ensure that space exploration is undertaken on the basis of informed consent. Sen will make this journey accessible for everyone.

Providing multiple perspectives of Earth will enable consumers to see events in the context of life on our ever-changing planet.

Sen will then scale to film other worlds, providing space exploration news for humankind.

To capture video, Sen will use its own satellite orbiters and hosted cameras deployed on all types of spacecraft including rovers and drones on the Moon and Mars for high resolution surface reconnaissance.

As Sen scales, video cameras and constellations will deployed beyond Earth in multiple locations including the Moon and Mars, providing multi-world vision. 

We believe that providing this original content for consumers will help make space universally accessible, providing an independent media that will be vital as we become a multi-planet species.