Sen is creating space television to explore space & gather data for multi-planetary life & make space universally accessible.

Our Vision

Sen will generate videos from space, starting with Earth. Our satellites will generate data for the Earth Observation and space exploration markets, and generate unique new perspectives that change the way humanity sees Earth and space forever.

Our business model is the sale of data and analytics to government organisations and businesses who need to monitor change on Earth, and then to commercialize space exploration data for space agencies and commercial space operators involved in the lunar economy and colonization of Mars.

We intend to share unique space videos with consumers via news and social media, to make space universally accessible.

We plan to launch our first satellite in late 2017. Thereafter we will continue to build and launch our space TV micro satellite platform, beginning in Earth's orbit. We plan to use revenues from our Earth TV constellation to deploy our space TV platform in deep space, around the Moon, Mars and evenutally the outer Solar System.

Multi-world data

Space television will provide data and analytics vital for multi-world life.

Inspire and educate

We see a future exploring space, with economic activities expanding from Earth to orbit, the Moon and Mars. We believe that humans will establish a colony on Mars and that life will become multi-planetary. Sen will generate vital data for the economies and life on these worlds.

As well as providing government organizations, space agencies and commercial space operators with our data and analytics, we hope the unique new perspectives of space we share with consumers will inspire and educated humanity in our multi-world future.

Eventually we will deploy our robotic video cameras to explore the outer Solar System.

If you would like updates from Sen you can join our free mailing list. If you do, we thank you for your interest, but please bear in mind updates may be infrequent for the next couple of years as we keep our heads down to build the first wave of satellites.