Company Information

Company name:
Sen Corporation Limited

Mission statement
Sen’s mission is to democratize space by streaming real-time videos, for the benefit of all humanity, providing unique video perspectives and insights that inform, educate and inspire.

June 2014

Company details:
Company registration number 6270642

Sen Corporation Ltd,
40 Islington High Street,
London, N1 8EQ,
United Kingdom

Sen is a privately funded company, backed by its founder Charles Black and over 30 other investors. 

Share capital:
22,000,006 Ordinary Shares

Charles Black, Founder and CEO
Dr Ed Simons, Electronics Lead
Jonathan Gebbie, Spaceflight Software Lead
Dr Matt Marter, Analytics Lead
Brian Pollock, EarthTV Technical Manager
Dr Elena Lobo, Director of Business Innovation
Lord Daresbury, Non-Executive Chairman
Harry McDermott, Non-Executive Director