About sen

Sen is creating a space television (multivision really) network with video cameras in space.

Our business model is selling video data and analytics into multiple markets.

Our vision is to create a new form of media, giving new perspectives of Earth and space that can inspire, unite and educate humanity as we become a multi-world species.

We will deploy our first video cameras in Low Earth Orbit generating very high resolution video data and analytics for the Earth Observation market, providing valuable data for government organizations and businesses monitoring events on Earth.

We will then explore space beyond Earth, generating videos about the Moon and later Mars, providing multi-world data that is essential for the expansion of activities on the Moon and Mars, as well as unique videos of space that we hope will inspire and educate humanity. Sen's approach is to commercialize space exploration data, providing the data infrastructure for the space economy as it expands to the Moon and Mars.

Sen will also distribute videos from space online and through news and social media. We want our inspirational videos to reach as many people as possible and intend to make them free to end consumers, distributed online and by news and social media.

Sen's main satellite platform is a micro satellite called Space TV, designed for multi-world scalability. In addition to very high resolution optical video data, Sen's platform has been designed to carry extra data sensors so that we can gather additional types of data from our Earth, Lunar and Mars constellations.

Sen is writing its own software for analyzing the data we capture to make it useful, providing multi-layered views of the worlds we explore and a valuable 'multivision' service for our customers.

Eventually we are likely to deploy other robotic explorers such as drones to provide further new perspectives of what's going on in space.

Our vision is to explore the Solar System and one day beyond.